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How Did I Get Here?

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June 12th, 2009

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12:43 am - Greatest Ambitions In Life
  • To be Doogie Howser, M.D.
  • To be a good, famous novelist
  • To own a shop that sells miniatures of miniatures
  • To be an interior decorator
  • To be a fabulous housewife with semi well-behaved children and a good attractive husband with a fabulous income to support my lavish yet tasteful lifestyle
  • To be a famous, well-respected actress
  • To be the world's first tattooing skydiver (I tattoo people while skydiving)
  • To work in the creative department of any of my favorite magazines
  • To be a drag queen
  • To be a movie critic
  • To be a concert/ music festival critic
  • To be a permanent, non-loser, welcome fixture at Comic-Con (Because all my favorite men seem to show up there eventually so it seems like a solid husband-catching plan)
  • To be indispensable to someone, preferably a good-looking, good-humored, kind-natured, intelligent, upper-income straight man who will see me for the utterly amazing woman that I am, even if I can be a little shallow
  • To be happy with myself more often
  • To come to terms with the fact that I'll probably never be what my mother wants, whatever that may be
  • To be the secret lovechild of Brock Sampson and Cover Girl, or Baroness, because both women are kick-ass and too hot for the Joes
  • To be Fran Fine with an even better wardrobe, with less whine and more drawl
  • To marry well and wisely, and never need a divorce; especially if he gets me to sign a pre-nup
  • To be careful, if not good
  • To be someone I'd be thrilled to know.  Oh, wait, there's one I can check off!

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