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That's Just Dumb - How Did I Get Here? — LiveJournal

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February 1st, 2010

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06:11 pm - That's Just Dumb
Lysol has this new hand soup thing that automatically dispenses soap into your hand.  Their reasoning is that the soap pump has germs on it, so you shouldn't touch it.  Even though the only time that you touch it is right before you wash your hands.  Well.  It's a fine idea, I suppose, but the real problem would be the faucet handle, wouldn't it?  I mean, you touch it twice, once to turn it off and again to turn it off, and your pre-wash germs are all over it, and then they're back on you when you finish.  Can't fix that, can you, Lysol?  Not until after when I spray you all over the place, and by then it's too late.

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